Invited to walk on water

Invited to walk on water
sisters and brothers waiting on one more

Friday, October 28, 2016

Alyssa's Birthday!

October 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

You are a beloved miracle...

You are a miracle-

And we are deeply in love with you.

Someone got into the glitter<3

I love adoption. Children are worth a shattered heart. She was placed into our hearts and arms 6 years ago this week.
She came to us through the avenue of the Foster-adopt system. 

We do not deserve the absolute honor of being her parents. 

Adoption, from any source, 
 is most often a gift born from 
tragedy and a broken heart-

Never will we take lightly the pain of loss experienced by those who loved her first.

She is a priceless gift.

Loving our daughter is an immeasurable, undeserved, honor.  
Alyssa's story, like many, is one of beauty from ashes- 
and honestly, 
my heart was shattered in the process. 

Yet, I shudder at this thought- 

"What if we had listened to frequent, well intended, counsel that called us to play it safe?" 

She, like every child, is worth a shattered heart.  

What passion and risk is on your heart?  

(What unique desire is within?  Do you know that when you seek Him, He places desires within your heart?  Likely, that desire is there for a purpose...)

I can't help but to challenge again- 

 Turn from voices that call you back to safety and 
Run towards the One Who placed the passion within.   

Fear Not a broken heart.

He shines through our cracks-
Perfect hearts have no cracks for His light to shine from.

One year ago, we were in Africa- the final timing of they day we embraced Mohale was a miracle that Alyssa had prayed for-

Alyssa's birthday miracle last year:  Miracle

One year later, Alyssa and Mohale

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