Invited to walk on water

Invited to walk on water
sisters and brothers waiting on one more

Friday, July 25, 2014

DS-260 (visa application) submitted

July 23, 2014
It's been a crazy week. Last Thursday I got a call from my sister at 4am. My dad had flipped his ATV 10 days earlier and had been bleeding internally ever since. I ended up flying to Carson Nevada on the next available flight to hopefully see him alive one last moment. David stayed behind with all 6 kids. It's been 6 days. Dad made it. He's still in ICU but they expect a full recovery. So grateful. So emotional. 
As I sat with my sleeping dad in the ICU for hours each day I was able to fill out the DS-260 online using my iPhone. Daily I had questions for our agency. We learned that the form needed to be filled out with Mohale's pre- adopted name. Usually this form is filled out before adoption happens. Finally today I submitted it!
Look at our precious boy's passport pic!! Oh it's so hard to wait!!  Our agency guesses at least one month until the USA issues a visa for Mohale. 
Thanks for prayers for dad and baby boy:)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Form DS-260

We received a letter in the mail from the US dept of State National Visa Center about two weeks after Mohale's I-800 approval.  Just now we learned that this is all we needed to begin the next step which is filling out the DS-260 form online (Link.)  We and our agency are really learning as we go.  For anyone following us, you can fill out the DS-260 form as soon as this letter comes from the Visa Center. This letter has a case number assigned to it. Once this form is filled out and submitted, we will simply be waiting on Visa Approval. Once that happens, David can travel to bring him home!