Invited to walk on water

Invited to walk on water
sisters and brothers waiting on one more

Friday, February 19, 2016

Part 1 of Transparent love: Late Valentines day post. Dreams-come-true seem slow, but not late.

Late Valentines Day Post.  
His dreams-come-true seem slow, but never late.

David and I were married over 17 years ago.
(It feels weird how that much time has past.)

December 6, 1998
David was the beginning of my dreams coming true.
Each child that has followed into our home has further unfolded our dream.
At this season, our life feels rich far beyond my wildest dreams.

Years ago, like many little girls,  I dreamed of my prince charming and wondered who he would be...
I waited for someone who loved God, who was my friend and who had a passion for those who are need protection.

I waited and waited and hoped to be married young and be a young mom-
(I wanted to be married by 18 and have babies and adopt immediately.)

As the years ticked on and on and on.....
Good and crummy men friends came and went, yet none quite fit what was in my heart.
In the wait, I pursued a career towards a heart for abused children.
My dream of prince charming had to be placed in His hands.
Like so many dreams, waiting was part of the big picture.

This vision is for a future time.
It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled.
If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently,
for it will surely take place.
    It will be on time.

I was 29.  
An intriguing, young David made my name tag that first night I went to a Bible study at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA.
Unlike several of the other men around the room that night, David was quiet and did not seek attention- mine or anyone else's.  That peaked my interest.  When he spoke to others, he was kind and his words thoughtful.  I was impressed and decided to take up the challenge...

Within a month we were becoming friends.
He responded thoughtfully to even rude waiters in restaurants.
I noticed his caring, respectful friendship with his parents and sisters.
His heart for less fortunate came through in how he treated people.
My parents lived oceans away, yet, David was there applauding the night I graduated with my Master's Degree in Social Work.

We each recall a memory early in our friendship. 
 It was a perfect summer day with coastal blue skies in Newport Beach, CA.  David wore shorts and a green t-shirt eliciting deep green color from his large hazel eyes.  I wore a favorite wrinkled linen, Banana Republic sundress in a pale shade
 of dusty pink- with dark pink lipstick. 
My heart felt happy, beautiful and peaceful when his strong, rough hand held mine.
(It still does.)

Stone archways and balconies encircled the castle style courtyard where we found a table for two and enjoyed cappuccino, pastries and new love.
Gazing up at the magnificent architecture, I imagined children looking down at us through a series of picturesque, stone archway balconies above us 
and mused at how incredible it would be to someday adopt children and fill up a castle home like that with treasures in need of parents-

"Can you picture children looking down at us through those beautiful balconies?

Children from near and far?"

David dared to dream with me....  Such a topic could have felt awkward given our new relationship, but we each felt intriguingly comfortable.

Looking back, it almost seems as though that moment was prophetic.

Miracle home story

18 years later 
as I write this blog post in our miracle home, two of our treasured children- 
children from near and far
are looking down at me
 through a picturesque stone archway balcony.

What dreams has our Father placed into your heart?

Dear ones with unmet dreams...

Don't give up.  
It seems that waiting, tears, storms, failures, roadblocks, changed direction, miracles,
and mistakes requiring redemption 
are always part of dreams come true.

This post shares hope.
to those who wait, we want you to know that our
road has been broken and imperfect.

A future post will share one of the storms we endured- a storm that seemed to drown our dreams-
We want to shout from the mountain tops that

and BROKENNESS in His hand is far more beautiful that human perfection

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The years continue to tick on.
(In case anyone wonders, we continue to dream of more children in need of love-
children from near and far)

Seven sweet treasures.
There's always room for another.

DRC adopted children released!

DRC adopted children to be released!

We are all screaming in excitement in our van as I type this. 160 adopted children in the DR Congo have just today been given permission to finally be joined with their adoptive families after two and a half years of being stuck!!!  Benny and Shiloh are the children adopted by my friend Kathy and her husband their four other children before we even knew about Mohale.  In September 2013, all adoptive families who were awaiting travel dates to go to the DR Congo to be united with their adopted children were hit with an immense political battle. Due to human trafficking concerns, all 350 DRC children already adopted by American families were denied permission to leave the country. Since that day the battle has raged for these children. Today freedom has been given!!!  Today 160 of them have been given the permission to come home. The remaining adopted children are expected to be released in March. Finally!!!!
Celebrating today!!

Soon empty beds and aching hearts will be filled.

Please, continue to pray with these families until each child is home.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Attaching beautifully. Amazed. Grateful to those who loved him first.

for those whose hearts broke for Mohale
(and countless other voiceless treasures.)


This post is a brief update on our newest son's adjustment.
We've been HOME for nearly three months.  It feels like a dream in many ways because it had become "normal" to hope and pray and wait for the day we could go to Africa for him.  

Mohale's adjustment has caused a
gratefulness explosion
in my heart 
towards people who lay their hearts down.

Because of those who allowed their hearts to be broken,
Mohale's adjustment has been remarkable!  
AND far easier than we'd anticipated.

Mohale has bonded and attached to us sweetly.  Children who have been securely attached to a caretaker are more able to attach to their new families.  Foster parents and orphanage workers basically must be willing to have their hearts broken so that children like Mohale can have their hearts healed.

In the beginning, Mohale was quiet and reserved.  This was expected.  But what we did not anticipate was a smooth transition from his reserved, unattached place into a place in our family that is secure and bonded within this short amount of time.  I am truly blown away.  We'd anticipated attachment issues for months to come.  This just is not the case with our sweet Mohale.
The roots of his heart are grounded beautifully and growing more secure each day.

For this, we have God and the amazing people at 
Beautiful Gate Orphanage to thank. 

A little peek at a day in the life of our "twins" from near and far:  

What little sisters do for little brothers:)

What happens when the little boys find their sister's lipstick:

He runs to me and David as his parents and clings on tight when approached 
by those he does not know. 
Attachment like this is beautiful for a child who only came into our family three months ago.

This month he began calling out "mama" or "dada!" in the night when he has a bad dream.
Again, fast attachment behavior. 

When kind friends reach out to touch him or ask to hold him, he responds with hesitation and looks to our face for reassurance.  Seriously?!!  Mohale!  You are adjusting incredibly!

His anticipated hoarding behaviors are giving way to sharing.  This morning he ran and got Joseph a toy and a bottle and gave him a big hug.  Here's the pic:

Grateful and filled with love for our treasured miracle "twins" from near and far.

To those who are foster parents and those who work in orphanages and to those who in other ways lend your hearts to children in need,

Thank you for allowing your hearts to love and be broken-  Over and over again.

Children's broken hearts are healed 
because you are willing to be broken-hearted.

You are creating a ripple effect of love that will carry on throughout generations.
Your example inspires us to be brave.


There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mohale's got talent:)

Mohale has some moves-
He's SO CUTE I had to share:

Dancing to Lecrae:

Loving our treasure ❤️.