Invited to walk on water

Invited to walk on water
sisters and brothers waiting on one more

Saturday, November 14, 2015

David's turn:(

Today, David woke up with the same stomach bug the rest of us have had. 
That's 10 out of 10 of us this week.

Praying he's better soon:(

Oh my how we are partying around the potty over here in South Africa.  
Not quite the safari we'd hoped to experience!

Thankful and amazed that David and Mohale were healthy on Friday so David could take him to get the TB test read.  It was Negative!  Now we are just waiting on the Dr to submit the report to the US consulate.  Hoping that is done and that the visa is ready before we travel on Wednesday.

Grateful to be in a Bed and Breakfast with a yard for kids to play while we wait out this illness!

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